Welcome to Being Autonomous

Smartphones, electronic tablets, and social media are everywhere today. For the billions of people who use these technologies, their benefits include improved productivity and communication, access to information, and helping to build and maintain relationships. It seems that every day, new apps make many aspects of life better and faster in some way. Many people who use these technologies often say that they’re an important part of their daily lives.

This website features an additional aspect of these technologies that people probably hadn’t thought much about: the ability for a person to enhance their autonomy. In particular, what’s presented here are interesting examples of how people with developmental disabilities – such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, and others – use smartphones, tablets and social media to express themselves and engage in the world around them.

I hope visitors to this website will find the information interesting, to the point of inspiring people to do what they can to increase the opportunities that people with developmental disabilities have access to these technologies so they can explore and express who they are as people.

If you have comments or questions, or if you have a personal story or example of using any of these technologies to increase autonomy, please send me an email to this address: benjaminsnow209 “at” msn (dot) com. (I’ve spelled out my email address this way to reduce the amount of spam created by automatic email robots. Thanks for understanding.)

Benjamin Snow

All content copyright 2014 by Benjamin Snow; All rights reserved


One thought on “Welcome to Being Autonomous

  1. This is really good stuff. I have not been through the entire website, but want to offer some information that may be of interest to you. Are you familiar with the Assistive Technology Act Programs? I not, please visit http://www.findatnow.org. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you.

    Paul Galonsky, MPA
    RESNA Catalyst Project
    1700 North Moore Street
    Arlington, VA 22209-1903
    T:703-524-6686 ext. 309
    F: 703-524-6630

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