History of Social Media

On February 4, 2004, in an already crowded social media universe with sites like MySpace and Friendster, Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook while in his college dormitory room.

The social media site was originally only made for Harvard University students to share information and be each other’s friends. Within 24 hours after it was first invented, 1,200 students had a Facebook profile, a number that has since grown to more than 1.3 billion all over the world.

In the years since its inception, Facebook has grown to include profiles of everyone from average citizens and celebrities to businesses and government agencies.

According to BI Intelligence, here is a ranking of the world’s largest social media sites as of Oct. 30, 2013 (Ranked in terms of reported or estimated global Monthly Active Users or MAUs, unless noted):

  1. Facebook (1.15 billion MAUs)
  2. YouTube (1 billion MAUs)
  3. Qzone (712 million total users), China
  4. Sina Weibo (500 million total users), China
  5. WhatsApp (350 million MAUs)
  6. Google+ (327 million MAUs)
  7. Tumblr (300 million monthly unique visitors)
  8. LINE (275 million total active users), Japan
  9. Twitter (240 million MAUs)
  10. WeChat (236 million MAUs), China
  11. Tencent Weibo, (220 million MAUs), China
  12. LinkedIn, (184 million MAUs)

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